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The Titans of All'Terra

Jul 2, 2020

In this unexpected Season 2 Finale, our heroes face off against an evil which might prove stronger than they anticipated. 

Jun 25, 2020

This week our heroes enter the mysterious and dangerous Inquisitor's Tower.

Jun 18, 2020

Our heroes make plans to storm the High Inquisitor's Tower!

Jun 11, 2020

Josua continues to speak with the heroes, and reveals how he is himself connected to the gods.

Jun 4, 2020

We are back from our unexpected hiatus! We will likely be recording remotely for the remainder of Season 2, which means our audio won't be as quality as if we were all recording in the studio (our attic).

This week our heroes learning a bit more about the gods and encounter a strange man with an amber orb.